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Kim Hyun-jin by Kobayev Kim Hyun-jin :iconkobayev:Kobayev 9 2 Jeanne d'Arc project sketch by Kobayev Jeanne d'Arc project sketch :iconkobayev:Kobayev 1 0 Kim hyun jin sketch by Kobayev Kim hyun jin sketch :iconkobayev:Kobayev 3 0 Lilith Sobolevski IIeme President of the DPREF by Kobayev Lilith Sobolevski IIeme President of the DPREF :iconkobayev:Kobayev 10 2 Saparmyrat Sobolevski President of DPRE by Kobayev Saparmyrat Sobolevski President of DPRE :iconkobayev:Kobayev 7 6 Victoria Kropotkine by Kobayev Victoria Kropotkine :iconkobayev:Kobayev 7 16 Flag of the DemocraticRepublic of Hell by Kobayev Flag of the DemocraticRepublic of Hell :iconkobayev:Kobayev 6 4 The Victory is our by Kobayev The Victory is our :iconkobayev:Kobayev 4 2 Bobby the Tanuki and Legionnary by Kobayev Bobby the Tanuki and Legionnary :iconkobayev:Kobayev 2 7 Jeanne ( Me but as a girl haha ! ) by Kobayev Jeanne ( Me but as a girl haha ! ) :iconkobayev:Kobayev 8 7 Koba Great Commander by Kobayev Koba Great Commander :iconkobayev:Kobayev 2 0 Daisuke Ito by Kobayev Daisuke Ito :iconkobayev:Kobayev 2 0 Takashi Nishiki by Kobayev Takashi Nishiki :iconkobayev:Kobayev 1 0 Takeover The Power ! by Kobayev Takeover The Power ! :iconkobayev:Kobayev 10 32 Koryan Power Symbols by Kobayev Koryan Power Symbols :iconkobayev:Kobayev 4 11 Syria Chan New by Kobayev Syria Chan New :iconkobayev:Kobayev 3 0


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Kim Hyun-jin
Probably one of the most importatnt leader of this fictious planete !

She is the leader of the first and the third Koryan Republic. She is the president of The National and Popular's Party of Eden.

She began the fight as a soldier. Her political action take it place in a world under the spectre of communism and the Edenian Red Revolution. It take place in a country under a quick evolution of a capitalist econnomy models under a peacefull Liberal revolution engaged by the King of Koryo.

Against that society she engaged a "counter revolutionnary movement". She build a her Party to give a legal formation to her movement and a ideology, born with the need of action. 

As the president she forbids the "Marxist Movement" and another Party and take the control of the Written Press.

Her political view is Totalitarian, because she believe that the freedom of the people id the freedom in the state (Hello Mussolini XD)
She want to protect the traditions of the Koryan People and have a specific feeling with the National Religion because it give specific systeme of morality to the country.
Kim hyun jin sketch
A base for the Koryan military uniform with the leader of this republic
Lilith Sobolevski IIeme President of the DPREF
Father: Saparmyrat Sobolevski
Mother: Tashmina Sobolevski

Lilith Sobolevski came to power after a big social movement against the politics of Nergal (General at the head of the PBIS ( political police) and official head of the Red Guard) who is the General Secretary of the Central Comitee of the Communist Party of Eden.
Push by this movement her book circulated in the entire territory of Edenian Nation, book named "Theory of Oligarchic Collectivism" ( a reference of 1984 by George Orwell)

She takeover the power by a coup d'état after Nergal say she doesn't want to make a new Congress of the Party and new election of a general secretary with Lilith as a possible new general secretary. You know that the general secretary is the headof a communist party.

The politics of Lilith Sobolevski was firstly against the past of the Nation. She lead a large ecological plan. A new politics in industry with the promotion of 32Hours. She lead a movement to recognize the rights of the LGBTQAA+

She try to make a new systeme with a systeme of salary for life with an extension of the social cotisation with a self financement of corporation and autogestion of the production by every partner of the corporation, the factory or a part of a domain of the industry.

She transforme the centralized Republic into a federal and Social Republic

But in fact the Country is still a dictatorship. The PBIS is still watching everybody, after the extermination of the Reds Guards Leaders. But Lilith Sobolevski is loved by her people.

My personnal opinion about her:

I fucking love her ! Come dominate me !
( I'm crazy)
Saparmyrat Sobolevski President of DPRE
Finally he's here !

I speak about him but before today you don't know what is his face. Now you Know.

Sobolevski ( his first name was Solochi haha ;) but I changed it for a more Russian name) is the self proclamed leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Eden and the fondator of this Republic.

He's probably the worst leader I have ever made. Every body who live under his power say "It was probably the darkest hours of our live". Nobody can escape from the big systeme of bureaucracy. The People's Brigade of Internal Security and it's departement named Department of State's Security know as the Red Guard follow and kill everybody who stand up against the power.

Sobolevski is the story of the scission with Libertarian Communist movement and the perpetual struggle against Anarchisme.
He is a partisan of the Permanent Revolution theory and following that he help with material and humans ressources many independentist movement and worker's movement like Koryan Worker's movement against fascism systeme of the Popular and National Party of Koryo and the independentist movement of Tsuchiko.

Is he really just a Dictator ? Haha you have many thing to know about the main character of the Story. But I don't want to spoil ;)
Today in France the Socialist Government ho sorry ... the National Socialist government have pass a new law. The famous El Khomri's law with the constitutional article 49.3. I must to say 70 % of the people are against


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Le Blé
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a poor civil who draw thing about military, political ideology and dictatorship.
I'm student in industrial world and hope to publish one of my story !


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